Opti internship - February - April 2020

Job description

Are you wondering how you could shape your theoretical knowledge according to the latest digital trends? Apply for our internship program under the wings of Optiweb’s digital enthusiasts and gain the most indispensable and searched for experience from the field of advertising, web development and  project management!

What will your Boost look like?

The first week of your internship will consist of acquiring more general knowledge; you’ll get to know some useful business skills and learn about the business etiquette. You'll be free to explore your chosen field for the rest of your internship - be it advertising, project management or development. Here's what you'll learn:

  • As an advertiser: You'll get to know social media advertising closely. Your internship will mostly focus on Facebook advertising and we'll cover the basic digital marketing knowledge as well.
  • As a developer: You'll get to know HTML, CSS and WordPress - bonus points if you know any of these in advance - and acquire broad technical knowledge and experience.
  • As a project manager: You'll get to juggle between client's wishes and coworker's capabilities. Planning skills and good communication are also a must.

Your Boost will give you:

  • knowledge and experience, which will open up new horizons

  • an environment that guarantees creative work and teamwork

  • a well-stocked kitchen

  • open-minded employees who will always be happy to share their knowledge with you

  • the best mentorship

  • amazing company and a feeling of belonging

  • the possibility of employment or cooperation

Job requirements

In exchange we expect:

  • that you know how to think by yourself and that you’re not afraid of sharing your ideas out loud

  • openness and communicativeness

  • readiness to work in a team

  • proactivity and an eagerness to learn

Internship duration: 3 months, from the beginning of February until the end of April (if you already have vacation plans, that won’t be a problem).

Would you like to boost your knowledge (and are a student)? You can apply until 31th December 2019.