Digital Strategist

Job description

Dreaming of working with big and important clients as well as designing digital strategies in a motivational work environment? Then Optiweb is the place to be! As a Digital Strategist, you will have to coordinate clients and your internal team as well as plan and realize digital strategies for your clients and prepare business reports and status analyses. What’s waiting for you is a stimulative work environment, where we promise you constant learning and a lot of flexibility!

While the digital marketing world is full of surprises and no two days are the same, you can still count on the following daily challenges ...

  • independently developing and carrying out structured digital marketing strategies for our clients;
  • constantly preparing suggestions for future digital marketing projects and services;
  • taking part in developing comprehensive marketing strategies for clients;
  • independently presenting suggestions and communicating with B2B as well as B2C clients;
  • following the latest digital marketing trends and implementing them in our working routine;
  • co-managing the entire team and the internal marketing processes.

Job requirements

What do we expect from you?

  • At least five (5) years of experience in the field of digital marketing;
  • experience in using LinkedIn, Google Ads and other ad placement platforms as well including them in clients’ digital activities;
  • ability to understand and interpret web analytics (Google Analytics);
  • understanding search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • creative thinking and experience in working in creative teams;
  • analytical and critical thinking;
  • being familiar with the concept of content marketing;
  • experience in preparing the documentation needed to apply for digital marketing tenders.

What can you expect if you become one of us?

  • A safe and stable job at company-owned headquarters (we own 99% of expensive company equipment, which you can also use; the company has 1 owner, who is also the CEO while 96% of its employees have a contract of indefinite duration);
  • a flexible schedule along with the option to work remotely and assistance with setting up your home office,
  • attending conferences of your own choice,
  • an opportunity to work in a diverse team consisting of professionals from various fields, enabling you to really broaden your horizons,
  • the best team buildings - three times a year,
  • unlimited quantities of coffee and snacks from the kitchen. :)

Have you found yourself in our description? Then you will fit right in! Quickly write to us so we can get to know each other!