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Apply for our Talent Pool or Internship!

  • Škofja Loka, Slovenia

Job description

At Optiweb, we're constantly on the lookout for digital enthusiasts who could give our projects some extra boost! 🚀

Since we're always busy with exciting new projects, we can't wait to join forces with skilled web developers, top-notch creative minds such as copywriters and UX/UI designers, digital marketing specialists, and anyone else who can help us take our digital world to the next level!

If you're eager to learn and want to grow with us, fill in the form and we'll let you know when a new opportunity opens up. Oh, and if you're a freelancer, don't worry! We're flexible enough to make things work! ;)

Job requirements

What do we expect from you (besides professional experience)?

🤝 Teamwork spirit
🧐 A curious mind
💪 A wish for constant improvement
📣 Transparent communication

Location of work: Škofja Loka or home office or both ;)

You can apply in English or Slovene. Let’s also connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Glassdoor!